We have openings for the following positions:

Life Planner : You are more than just a financial planner who is solely focused on meeting more new clients. You are part of Planners Inc. You are a Life Planner, who can help guide everyday people to achieve successful living and have abundance and real wealth. You are in control of your career and earnings and will be groomed to become a professional, recognized for your expertise and competence.

Management Associate :  You are a Leader. You are driven and know that you possess the right traits to succeed as an entrepreneur, if you wanted to become one. You believe in our purpose, mission and vision. You think you can drive and contribute to our growth, and fast! You want to “make equity partner”.

Intern :  Not sure that a career in financial services / education is suitable for you? Want to experience first hand our work, the interactions with clients, associates etc? Want to learn more from us, and yet get paid for it? Need to do an internship as part of your university curriculum? Join our internship program!

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